How to fix leaking fork seals. Best to replace the seals if you do this, as . The Dust seal keeps the majority of dust and dirt away from the oil seal. We would replace fork seals almost every year on our older KTM's. The piston may not be tight in the slider. Take the tube in 1 hand and the stanchion in the other. Page 9/32. Replace the seal, making sure to apply it centered around the drain. My setup includes the RaceTech Suspension springs, Gold Valves and spacers. I just bought a Massey Ferguson 165 with a fron end loader to load and unload round bales of hay today. It is something like 12-14 ft-lbs. With 'Seal Buddy' you can remove and clean dirt and debri from your forks which will lengthen the life of your seals This sale is for Two 'Seal Buddy' tools. The negative air chamber provides the downwards force to stop the fork from pushing up too fast, and an imbalance will cause the fork to be pushed into a compressed position. Then, carefully remove the fork tops with a socket. Vactor rodder pump parts breakdown 1-800-268-5142 [email protected][email protected] 9 hours ago · There are three reasons why 46RE transmission fluid can leak from the bell housing. An obvious sign that the fork seals have gone bad is visible fork oil. I checked the shift fork groove of the slider with a 3/8-inch shank of a drill bit. remove front fender. BlueDevil Transmission Sealer can quickly seal a leaking seal or gasket stopping your automatic . You might also see fork oil inside the front fender or on the Use a little WD-40 as lubricant and wrap a rag around the top of the slider to keep any dirt out of the fork. Inside parts of the front fork tubes disassembled. If anyone can tell there thoughts if the seals are bad or if this is normal . Save time and money!! In this video you learn how to quickly and easily fix leaky fork seals on a dirt bike from suspension expert Doc, owner of 812 Suspensi. Posted February 25, 2009. Seal Mate Plus tool will fix your leaking fork seals on any dirt bike or street bike. Remove the front brake calipers by taking off the pair of 12mm mounting bolts that hold them in place. Rest the lowers up against the oil pan to allow all of the old oil to drain out. Vactor rodder pump parts breakdown 1-800-268-5142 [email protected][email protected] Which fork is best for your particular setup depends largely on the type of riding/discipline you prefer so we have broken this guide up into cross-country, trail, enduro, and downhillI have bought a used Trek 4300 bike and after a few days I noticed leaking oil from front suspension fork. One of my tubes started weeping shortly after I installed new seals. Mine still leak ever so slightly, especially when hunkered down on its springs on a trailer. Dirt bike mechanics can do this for reasonable rates but with this simple tutorial, you could easily get it done yourself. 99 . On the other hand, if you hate your fork (or car) and have the money for new one, there are . Clamp the outer tube in a vice using the brake caliper mounting tabs, and firmly grasp the inner tube. if it looks bad inside, have a piece of 16 guage formed that covers the bottom and up on the sides about an inch - weld it all around. Run it all the way around a couple of times and pull it out. Trying to fix a leak is significantly cheaper than a new fork, especially if the fork you have is working well. Locate the scratch, and identify how bad it is. This is a 2 part series. My motorcycle's front right fork started leaking a week ago and I started dreading the idea of wasting precious 3-4 hours of my weekend time getting it serviced and spending $$ along with it. I ordered a couple, cleaned the seal and it's been bone dry for a couple months. If it still has plenty of charges, check the coolant level. 2006 Honda Silverwing Fork seal replacement. The majority of us will agree that this is something you should fix as soon as possible. Compressed air will blow air out the seals and open them up. Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS . If memory serves, 1st time was <10k miles. Your bike’s fork seals are made up of two seals, the Oil Seal, and the Dust Seal. But if you’ve just spotted a leak you can try this method before taking it to the shop. Pry it out with a small flat-blade screwdriver. At the front, you can see a similar seal to the one used 49-59 neck cups. Fork oil height can easily be measured with the syringe tool included in the fork service tool kit by Traxxion Dynamics (see tool list above). Lots of times the seals can get stuck inside the outer tube. For only about $5 you could save hundreds also the time and effort it takes to replace them yourself or the downtime for bringing it into the shop . There is also an O-ring that can take the place of the twine, but of course the forks must be disassembled to install that. Both situations are no good. It’s easy to do. Joined Jan 12, 2011. 55 shipping. Then put ~325cc oil in the outer chamber. Proceed to spin the feeler gauge/tear-off around the seal while dragging it down, which will clean the dirt out of the seal. Order BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak here. The one on the left has “V”-shaped wear. And don’t worry that some fork fluid still leaks out during the first few pumps. Fork oil= $20. Subscribe 5. #15 · Mar 7, 2012. A bad fork seal could leak oil onto your brake calipers, resulting in trouble decelerating and stopping the bike. Tighten the clamps using the Allen wrench. 2007 victory vegas 8ball. Share. If you’re using it on a rear shock, flip the bike upside down and apply lube just above the dust seal. If you know what you’re doing,carefully pry apart the dust seal using a. Go buy a roll of 35mm film (if you can find it). Replace the dust cover and go try it out. left the fork oil under the dirt seal kept bouncing the forks up and down for 4 days the seal got soft from the fork oil so I pulled the dirt seal up then cleaned the fork oil under it with a rag then checked it for leaks then pushed dirt I'm assuming you have leaking fork seals. Take a business card (or some piece of very thin cardboard) and force it between the seal and the stanchion. Oh yeah, make sure you fix the rebound clicker issue as well. Weld Your Gas Tank To Fix The Leak. - The Seal Mate Tool is the only tool on the market engineered to fix your leaking fork seals. Maintenance. And if your seal is leaking oil, the oil can leak onto Our sealing solutions are available for both off-road and on-road use. Tap the seal with the pipe until it bottoms out. My Triumph Tiger 1050 had two leaking fork oil seals after 16k miles. Quickest Way On How To Fix Leaky Fork Seals Prepare your bike by removing either your fork guards or anything obstructing access to your fork tubes. I read somewheres about a DIY fix to get a slightly leaking fork seal to stop without replacing it but . If you do reduce the negative air pressure to compensate for the low positive air chamber, the fork will feel very “soft. Leaking Seal . 1. Pull the outer layer down and Motorcycle dirtBike Leaking Fork Seal Repair Tool Fix Blue yz 50 80 125 250. Sorry this rambles. There is a bolt in the base of the fork leg: take off the front wheel and remove this bolt. (This should only be attempted if there is already a leak – not as a precautionary measure. the fork assemblies will fall right out. or any other way that plausible for you. Unfortunately the Ohlins minimal friction seals do leak now and then. Remove spacer. Part of that function uses very small amounts of oil. Click to expand. If you do discover that they’re leaking, then replacement of the seal is the best remedy. How To: Change twin chamber fork seals on a motocross How To: Use Seal Mate to fix leaking fork seals on your motorcycle How To: Change Fork Seals How To: Remove the steering stem of a Kawasaki KLR650 How To: Measure clutch For Q & A on Leaking Fork Seals, Dinged Fork Tubes etc, see the Fork Seal FAQ GS Dakar. I finally got around to fixing to leaking fork seals on my bike. Ensure all dirt/debris is cleaned from the rubber seal itself and the application. 99 shipping + $2. proceed to remove fork from the triple tree and dismantle the internal parts. It is held into place by a clip within a groove. I got all prepared to buy the special tools and watched Youtube videos to replace the seal then luckily saw a post about the Seal Mate tool. The only "special" tools required are a 22mm spanner (if you don't have one already) and a seal puller. Motovation said: KnL fork seals= $14. Leaky fork seals is so annoying because they either make you miss out on riding or you have to ride unsafely. Go slow. Not everyone has the ability to do this sort of repair. Well, long story short, my fork seal is no longer leaking. The Check For Gas Leaks Using Soap Water Leak Test. 99 shipping. Call your local propane dealer and tell them that you have discovers a leak in your propane tank. Get the finest emery paper possible, and a compact file with a fine pattern so you can work on small areas of the fork stanchion. Genuine James Fork Seal Kit - 45849-84. Afghanistan (USD $) . My 86 Magna's fork seals constantly leak, or should I say seal. The fork should have a warranty through the manufacturer. 9 hours ago · There are three reasons why 46RE transmission fluid can leak from the bell housing. The local shop (closest victory dealership is in the next state) wants $300 to replace the seals. 107" axtel terrorist. Use a 2mm hex key to undo the lug . For bicycles the two seals can be combined into a single unit. However, the majority of the time your fork seals are leaking it’s simply because debris is caught in the seal holding it open and allowing fork oil to sneak by. first off with a flat blade you can pry the dust seal off. Test the operation of the pallet jack to ensure that this . Motorcycle dirtBike Leaking Fork Seal Repair Tool Fix Blue yz 50 80 125 250. Gently remove the old drain seal with a pair of pliers. 1216bandit said: If the seals are leaking slightly it may just be caused by debris preventing a tight seal. It takes a long time for all that oil to seep out. All of those factors can cause a rapid local rise in the water table; consequently, alot of water . Never let leaky fork seals ruin your day of riding again! This product works on almost any type of motorcycle. Slide the Seal Mate tool up under the fork slider while pressing it against the fork tube. Seals are very resilient and often just get debris in the lip causing fork oil to leak out. Moving back to the LEFT fork leg (still upside down), use an 11 mm wrench to remove the bolt that holds the compression rod in place. Catch the old oil in a container. Seal Mate can safely remove the dirt from in . It helps to lube the seal really good with grease. If it is leaking at the very top near bars, you may just get away with a new cap seal. Whether to replace leaking seals or get a new fork is like wondering whether to change a car's oil or get a new car. Cost. How-To: Fix a Leaking Fork Seal. The trick is to make a smooth transition into the scratch--not actually fill it. 56FL fork oil. FIX LEAKING MOTORCYCLE FORK SEALS SEAL MATE PLUS BLACK FORK SEAL REPAIR TOOL. . Remember to set the fork oil height! Follow along in the video below to see each step of the fork seal replacement process: Fork seal replacement for a 2010 Ducati Multistrada. ·. You can also spray Maxima Contact Cleaner down inside the lower legs to clean out all of the old bath oil. Torque Converter Leaks. I think I definately need new fork seals and to re-pack them with the proper grease/oil. Pump the stepped cylinder (#7) many times until you feel a smooth hydraulic action. Fresh oil going in. Don't put up with a leaking fork seal for any longer! Learn the tip and tricks of the trade with Yamaha Motor Australia Race Technician, Darren Thompson. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to gently press down the dust-proof seal, taking care not to damage the fork legs. How To: Repair a leaky Delta faucet by replacing the seats and springs How To: Convert a 3 handle tub & shower valve to 1 handle How To: Remove a shower stall and replace it with a new one How To: Use Seal Mate to fix leaking fork seals on your motorcycle Teflon tape on the threads also helps. Wash the stanchion with contact cleaner and a rag. Watch to find out some tips and techniques to fixing the leak. RevZilla photo. I'd ask the bike shop to fix the issue. Compression Valve, Rebound Valve, Springs, Fork Seals, and full Service for your forks. com, Live Chat or by phone toll free at 888-339-3888. That’s it. Once they made the change to Contaminated fork oil can break your fork seals, causing leaking oil. The popularity of these fork seals also created a huge demand for seals for the ever popular street bikes. In 1970, Leak Proof Fork Seals were introduced to the motorcycle industry – at first with only a few applications available, mostly dirt bikes. give it a try. This won't fix a worn seal. SEAL MATE PLUS TOOL SUZUKI YELLOW SEALMATE PLUS FIX REPAIR LEAKING FORK SEALS, The S eal Mate Plus was re designed to provide a second hook and an extra cleaning groove that will work as a second leading edge that makes each pass more effective and will clear the debris from the leaking forks in one swipe,Heart move low price,products at discount prices,Easy to clean rags. The oil will eventually make it past the o-rings. The stock HD fork oil seems to be a little thin in comparison to the oil I replaced it with when going to chrome lowers. Seal Mate is the only tool that will safely remove the debris. ) Remove the dust seal. Dirt and grime are bad for rubber seals and causes them to deteriorate much faster. Try this first -. It doesn't take much to go right through the plating so take your time. When I turn the bolt the whole fork tube is spinning so I held the top cap with a wrench and . Imperfections and nicks in the chrome can also make your fork seals leak. The valve threads in there. By the way, if you decide to drain and re-fill the forks with new oil, I suggest that after you start to drain the oil, hang the forks upside down on something, work the cylinder several times and let it drain overnight. Published: January 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm. 43 from fortnine. Replace the seals. 1) Gently prise the dust seal down using a flat bladed screwdriver, taking care not to damage the fork leg. The part of the tool with the “hook” is what you will be using to get behind the oil seal. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts . There are a number of causes that may produce leaks. There are two ways to tackle this. Use a hand pump. Push the new seal over the plastic and then push the plastic down the fork so the plastic protects the seal lips as you push. Then pry up the dust seals carefully. Doing this removes the dirt trapped between the fork seal and the fork slider, and, in many cases, will stop the fork seals from leaking. Which fork is best for your particular setup depends largely on the type of riding/discipline you prefer so we have broken this guide up into cross-country, trail, enduro, and downhillI have bought a used Trek 4300 bike and after a few days I noticed leaking oil from front suspension fork. Wipe away any visible dirt or water with a clean cloth. Wayne. Certainly they will see this when they take the fork apart to replace the seal. For motorcycles, the seals come in pairs with a separate oil seal and dirt wiper seal tuned to each other to give low friction for the best riding experience, as well as long life. I have three years and 24,000 miles on my s and am going to change the fork oil. Make sure no weight is on the forks. another trick to try is wrap electrical tape around the upper tube just above the seal. I have two questions relating to fork tubes and fork tube oil. You will see the seal coming out of hiding as you do this. Remove brake drum. Riders are then challenged to repair a complicated and sensitive suspension system that requires specialty tools. The right front fork seal is leaking and I have the replacement seals (and oil) but not sure how hard it would be to do the job myself. 2 years ago . Common oil leak causes and locations in your motorcycle include: Oil pan seal: The oil seal between your engine block and the oil pan can wear out over . The latter is optional, but makes the job easier. Although, what fox told you is total bs, you need to change OIL seals. any sharp edge and make the defect large enough that the seal wiper can drop into the smoothed area to achieve a seal. “The new dynamic seal in McFarlane’s FAA-PMA seal kit is a double edge ‘X’” style seal that does not twist and leak,” explains Sarah Cauffield, marketing representative. Leaking fork seals: Common Causes. #4 · Jul 15, 2010. Carefully apply new adhesive around the bare drain. Fuck sake, lads. (I'm . You conform it to the curve of the fork stanchion and slip it between the stanchion and the seal. He’ll have you back out on the bike in no Fix Leaky Seals Fast. This will be evidenced by leaking hydraulic fluid from the cylinders. 2oml) and you’re ready to remove and clean the lower assembly. He'. New New New. I had a leak on my 1100RT once. Work it around the seal, up and down, until you get back to where you started. Replace Fork Seals. Problem is that the drain plug isn't coming out. You don’t even need to remove most fork guards. Its better to be out for a season then to be injured or worse. Fill to the same level as measured from the non-leaking side. The Nighthawk’s upper fork tubes are Apply Your Lube To start with, you’ll want to apply Forkboost to the base of your fork stanchions. Motorcycle engines rev hard to produce the power you need to go fast. with a dial indicator on a set of known true V-blocks. 60 pan front spring/fork tube length. Push the large washer on the fork down into the lower leg. Then the seal is replaced while the lower fork is still attached to the wheel. Use a synthetic type of material between the bands. Take off the dust cover (I used a screwdriver to carefully lever this off, which probably isn’t a stunning idea) and remove the circlip thing from the top of the oil seal. I’m looking for a general consensus on fork maintenance. Cut off a chunk of 35mm film. 54 + $19. In this quick tutorial, we will show you how to use an inexpensive product called Seal Mate to remove dirt from your fork's oil seals which. Done. Knowing how to clean leaky fork seals may save you the unnecessary expense of replacing seals. Jeff. Sneak up on it until the seal stops leaking. *Yamaha Motor Australia Websites may display content of third parties (Third Party Content) that are not under the control of Yamaha Motor Australia. They are always tight at the bottom and loose at the top. This simple trick can save you time and money when the inevitable happens. Good morning, all. 5. The job of a motorcycle fork seal is 2-fold: it’s a receptacle for oil and it keeps the air out. Show activity on this post. I made one from a plastic soda bottle that worked great on a leaking seal on my bandit. If replacing seals in both forks, Motorcycle dirtBike Leaking Fork Seal Repair Tool Fix Blue yz 50 80 125 250. Often times fork seals get replaced even though they do not need to be instead the dirt and debris needs to be removed from the seals. Start by removing the seals with a large wrench. Remove the dust seal at the top of the outer leg to reveal the metal spring-clip underneath. This is a small hole about a foot behind the oil drain plug with a cotter key hanging out of it. Remove axle shaft. , with the spring still out you fill with oil and cycle the damping rod or put your hand over the top and compress the fork which causes pressure to force the fluid into the cartridge. If the fork is leaking air slowly, try . A popular little trick, is to get a business card, and slide it into the seal against the fork tube and wipe around the tube while pulling it out. No more Macgyver bush fixes. You can look up the part cost on an online fiche. Perhaps you don't actually need new seals. 31,312 Posts. I slid the forks off the bike. The design of the Seal Doctor maintains the proper position and angle as you rotate around your fork tube. 1979 Triumph Bonneville. To inspect the leak, you first want to tighten the nut and open the valve. Gently slide the film between the seal and the fork tube. Said excess will go away as fork and seal become as one again. To dig the knife under the O-ring, slide the knife over a 1/32-inch lip that holds the ring in place, then slide the tip under the outside of the ring. 7. bounce the front end up and down a few times then remove. #3. Many motorcycle shops charge upwards of $300 to replace your fork seals, in most cases your fork seals are leaking due to dirt and debris stuck between the seals. What they say this will do is clean out any possible dust or debris that may be causing the leak. BikeRadar / Immediate Media. Not much but to me a small amount is too much and with new seals they should not leak. 55 shipping + $19. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by contacting us by email at Sales@bikebandit. The dust wipers are part number # 58712. The holes in the film Drop the dust covers and buy or make a seal cleaner will solve the issue most of the time. I have had three fail in 76,000 kms. The fluid leak does indicate that a seal or the pump is leaking, so that calls for service in itself. You don’t need to replace the entire fork (that’s expensiveman!), you just gotta replace the seal itself. take the top bolt off the fork tubes and pull all the internals out (washer . Time, what ever you think your time is worth. Watch to Here's a trick. If you don’t have pliers, you may use a fork. If you discover a leak from a gasket or seal in your transmission, the best way to stop the leak is to simply add BlueDevil Transmission Sealer to your transmission fluid. It looks like your bike needs a couple of . Overheating due to lack of coolant or radiator blockage can often prevent starting. Remove/re-install wheel cylinder backing plate. You should notride with a bad fork seal for many reasons, safety being number one. this area and anything below it to the dust seal should be kept completely clean after each ride. SEAL MATE PLUS TOOL SUZUKI YELLOW SEALMATE PLUS FIX REPAIR LEAKING FORK SEALS, The S eal Mate Plus was re designed to provide a second hook and an extra cleaning groove that will work as a second leading edge that makes each pass more effective and will clear the debris from the leaking forks in one swipe,Heart move low price,products at discount prices,Easy to To see for your self - The seal you can see on the fork leg is a dust wiper. Force the seals into place on the forks using your hands. I replaced the upper and lower bushings, the copper seals, the upper seals and fork oil using Spectro SAE 15, recommended by Racetech. Replacing these seals is easy to do. If the knob (where the cable attaches near the bars/headlight) for . JWS Repair Service LLC Published December 10, 2020 89 Views. Here's a couple vids, one showing me using the Seal Mate for the first time (and making a mess because I didn't prepare properly), and the other video shows me . Remove springs and hardware. . I also had a problem with the fork sagging once to the bike sat full weight on it minus rider so I used 20W oil and added some 1 Step 3: Inspect Shift Fork Groove. another method, aside from chroming, which depends on the amount of pitting, is to fill the pitting with araldite and then rub down with increasing finer grades of wet and dry paper, this will get the fork syrface back to a smootheness which will prevent the seal leaking. Clean the Crack and Surround Area (that's what she said) 5. Seal Mate can safely remove the dirt in under 5 minutes. #1. Remove spring. The one on the right is a new slider To fix this leaking kitchen sink P-Trap, the first option was to get a new rubber seal ring for the 40mm outlet pipe. remove front wheel. disconnect the front brakes. #5 · Nov 26, 2009. Make sure to clean and wipe down any dirt and debris on the forks. I just took the bike to the dealer and they say that they will fix it under warranty. 58-59 upper fork tree. Clamp the seal ring scraper into the fork leg and tilt the symbol toward the direction of Slide this up and inside the seal, then spray some penetrating and lubricating liquid (a silicone spray or Bel Ray 6 in 1 lubricating spray) all the way around the seal. The Ohlins seals have a minimum of seal pressure to keep the forks from having stiction. S. The alternative is to pay for an expensive repair bill and take time off the bike while it is in the shop. Yamaha Service Technician, Darren Thompson, shows you the steps to clean and fix a leaking fork seal. You can also pick up BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak at the following auto parts . 2nd time was last June with ~21k . I must admit it was easy once I figured it out. If it is at the seal on the lower leg, you will need to pull the forks and rebuild. The scale of this repair is very small though. BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak works so well it is guaranteed to make a permanent seal. Remove brake shoes. Leak Proof Fork Seals responded by making fork seals for more and more makes and models of motorcycles. Service manual 50. If you find a major ding, take the fork to your local bike shop to have a pro look at it. The most common issue that prevents your forks from lifting is trapped air in the hydraulic system. Fit the inner layer into the boot connection and use duct tape to set it into place. This is a common issue with all bikes as the seals are a wear item. How to Know if Fork Seals Have Gone Bad. Use muscle to pull the 2 apart. Bushings should not need replacement, but flush the lowers thoroughly — an amazing amount of crap came out of mine at ~66,000 miles. Dirt Bike Fork Oil Leak Fix Video : Dirtbike : Get the skinny on Motion Pro s Seal Mate. Method 1: Try Removing Trapped Air by Pumping the Handle. SEAL MATE PLUS TOOL SUZUKI YELLOW SEALMATE PLUS FIX REPAIR LEAKING FORK SEALS, The S eal Mate Plus was re designed to provide a second hook and an extra cleaning groove that will work as a second leading edge that makes each pass more effective and will clear the debris from the leaking forks in one swipe,Heart move low price,products at discount prices,Easy to 7: Put a drain pan under the lower ends of the fork legs. Now, remove the bushing and seal from the lower tube. Do not use compressed air. ca and it’s amazing how large a leak it will fix. I have an '07 VN900C with right at 30k miles. Often, that will clean it up and stop the leak. The last common leak area is the input or output seal in your transmission. Pry the seal out carefully. Fix leaking fork seals in under 5 minutes; Save up to $300 when compared to a shop fix; Get twice the use with this double sided hook design! Inner hook fin grabs extra dirt as you slide it around your fork seal; Works on ALL motorcycles, both street bikes and dirt bikes; Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, . That is all you need to do to clean ’em each time. If you have upside-down forks, then your oil will leak out more quickly. Pull the outer layer and the insulation back, unearthing 8 to 12 inches of inner layer. Torque converters propel the transmission fluid into the transmission. SEAL MATE PLUS TOOL SUZUKI YELLOW SEALMATE PLUS FIX REPAIR LEAKING FORK SEALS, The S eal Mate Plus was re designed to provide a second hook and an extra cleaning groove that will work as a second leading edge that makes each pass more effective and will clear the debris from the leaking forks in one swipe,Heart move low price,products at discount prices,Easy to A leaking cylinder tends to involve the cylinder spraying oil. I purchased a triple tree stand to service my forks. You can buy or make a tool that will remove anything that may be causing the leak. Then carefully work If you lose to much fork oil you can damage the internal working of the fork. Broken fork seals start a vicious cycle because more contaminants will get in and make the oil worse and the oil will seep out (meaning less oil = even less damping). Block up forklift using a forklift jack. Normally, maintanance involves changing the fork oil every year or so and replacing the fork seals when leaking is noted. Moisten the inner surface of the new seal with fresh fork oil. Fork . How to fix Leaky fork seals the easy way, clean the dirt causing the leak out from under seals instead of replacing them! (if the seals have ripped they will. Pop your dust boot up. Either the tube was scratched during assembly or the seal was BADLY dented somehow. This tool will remove the dirt that's holding your oil seal open! Once the dirt is removed, your lip seals (oil & dust) will be repaired and stop leaking in less than 5 minutes on your motorcycle. Replaces: 45377-87 Fork Oil Seal Washer 45378-87 Front Fork Oil Seal 45403-75 Fork Leg Drain Screw Washer 45406-75 Fork Air Control Screw Washer 45905-87 Retaining Ring 45984-87 Fork Tube Cap O-Ring 45996-73 Drain Screw BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Pull about 5 inches out of the roll and cut it off. We used the measuring marks on the fork oil level tool to set the correct height of the fork oil in the tube by drawing off the excess oil. Drill two (or three) little holes through the inner seal, but not into the steering box itself. Removing too much of the fork tube surface will expose the base and weaken the . Buy it Now $23. If you take the bolt out of the bottom part of the fork and then clamp the spindle housing in a vice (protect with wood or cloth) you then use the tube as a slide hammer to remove seal. The second part is below the 1st on this page. SEAL MATE PLUS TOOL SUZUKI YELLOW SEALMATE PLUS FIX REPAIR LEAKING FORK SEALS, The S eal Mate Plus was re designed to provide a second hook and an extra cleaning groove that will work as a second leading edge that makes each pass more effective and will clear the debris from the leaking forks in one swipe,Heart move low price,products at discount prices,Easy to Motorcycle dirtBike Leaking Fork Seal Repair Tool Fix Blue yz 50 80 125 250. If your good with your hands its about 1-1/2 to 2 Hrs. Pump the suspension up and down to remove any air, then measure again. “This seal solves the continuous leak and re-service problems that have plagued Cessna owners for Oil is what keeps the seal lubricated so it can slide on the fork properly. Today at JWS, we are replacing the leaking fork seals on a 2006 Honda Silverwing scooter. Prior to about 2005 KTM didn't use SKF seals. 2 QUICK STEPS TO IDENTIFY AND FIX LEAKY FORKS. oldgoat said: May have put the seals in wrong. Step 3. Using your fork cap wrench in one hand and holding the fork tube in the other, jerk the cap tightly onto the fork to seal the cap to the tube. 00. Make sure there are no flames or flammable materials near your propane . The rubber seal rubs the tube and is bonded to the metal ring. That, plus poor shock absorption and an unbalanced ride makes a leaky fork seal dangerous to ride on. Place the new fork seal into its recess in the top of the lower leg. Unfortunately, there is also a common misconception that the only solution is a fork rebuild (or fork oil seal replacement). Try to match the surface finish of the rest of the tube. but one of the guys at the shop told me to do that. Check for leaks, and if you find that leaks continue, you will . Pressure Test Your Fuel Tank, Again Rebuild/Replacement Replacing fork seals on inverted forks. I haven't told them yet, but I installed a set of Progressive fork springs with a PVC spacer in the tubes and Bel-Ray 15w fork oil. $8. Use a dollar bill or business card to clean out the lip. Save up to $400 and months of your bike being in the shop. Steps to restoring your rubber seals. How To: Use Seal Mate to fix leaking fork seals on your motorcycle How To: Fix transmission and oil seal leaks fast with AT-205 Re-Seal How To: Seal a nitro engine How To: Replace the axel seals and shoes and the wheel cylinders on Not very common, but I don't see how the seal could scratch the tube. Turn off your water. I've been able to remove enough of a scratch to . Seals can get worn over time, but way. If you don't put a baggie or cellophane on the fork tube when you put the seal on you'll ruin the seal. 52 FL Fork Caps. All you need to do is snap it onto the fork and rotate it around clearing any debris from the oil seals on your forks. The Oil seal obviously seals the oil in the fork leg. Once everything is back in place, open the screw at the top of the pump body and fill the pump with hydraulic fluid until it reaches the bottom of the screw threads. It's important that you don't try to repair the tank any further yourself and let a professional determine a time to come to your home to repair or pick up the tank. The best way to do that is to drip it directly onto the stanchion just above the dust seals on your fork. Fill the inner chamber, and bleed it correctly, and dump the excess fluid after bleeding. Upper and lower fork bushings and seals that I replaced. Over time, parts in your motorcycle engine can start to wear out, causing oil leaks. The video is a generic how-to for all single chamber cartridge forks and is applicable to the The fork seal scrapes oil from the fork tube, much like a piston ring, and also prevents oil from leaking out between the slider and fork tube. I replaced the seals last year, and put 20w fork oil in. my dealership in jersey told me $200 to $250. Now the seal is free to come out with a little persuasion. Did you follow the procedure in the manual to aline the fork tubes when installing the front wheel ? Motorcycle dirtBike Leaking Fork Seal Repair Tool Fix Blue yz 50 80 125 250. Using the manual specs for fork oil, pour NEW OIL in the lower/inner tube (#5). Prepare the rubber seal. First step is to get my damn fork seals replaced, not something I planned on doing at 6,000 miles. Check the allen bolt in the bottom that holds it in place and make sure it's tight. Be careful not to apply too much. 400 Posts. I’d do one side at a Remove all this and drain the fork oil into a suitable container. Your fork tubes could be bent. Kit includes O-rings, replacement bottom drain bolts and crush washers and everything you need for BOTH forks. Slide the pipe onto the fork tube and use it like a slide-hammer to drive the new seal home. If the radiator has a lot of corrosion, you may need to replace it. I was told that the new leak proof seals are better than the standard stock ones . A bad [lose] o-ring will hang on the way in and cause problems. A small amount of oil will also leak out of the . 95. There is no factory requirements on fork service. The dealer repaired the problem without issue and said that a vent is not needed but a tend to disagree with them. Seals wear down over a period of time or work their way loose. It’s frustrating when you discover a Are your forks leaking fork oil? Here 's how to fix leaking motorcycle forks for cheap! PARTS USED:Seal Mate: http://amzn. A. At first we thought it might be a bad fork oil seal, and that the The AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit is a complete bolt-in upgrade that replaces the stock ill-performing springs and cartridges with a pair of extremely high-tolerance CNC-machined cartridges, and top quality springs to your needs, weight, and intended use. Clamp the fork in a workstand, unscrew the valve clamp and release all the air from the fork. If your seals are leaking, it's worth a shot. Pull wheel cylinder apart. I think the seals only like 14 dollars its just a pain because you gotta take the wheel off and take the whole fork apart to put them on. One of the most common maintenance tasks is replacing the seals in your lift’s cylinders. use an impact wrench to loosen bottom bolt on the fork. Part 2 of 2 Forks - Part 1 - Motorcycle simple Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals. Prevents Cures Leaky Fork Seals Most dirt bike riders are faced with leaky fork seals several times a year. ”. So it seems you're saying to: 1. take the wheel off the bike and loosen the upper/lower triple bolts. I have heard of people fitting non-standard seals to these forks, only to find that the gold coating was wearing off. The fork seals Fork seal leaking. Turn the fork right side up (legs down) to catch all the fluid (approx. Drill the point of two (or three) drywall screws, How To: Fix a spark plug well oil leak in a Honda Accord How To: Use Seal Mate to fix leaking fork seals on your motorcycle How To: FIx a leaking coolant bypass tube on a 3. Basically, do everything you can to keep them from leaking. Then use a sawing motion and work your way around. My guess is an hour for labor on each seal plus the price of the part. 2016 1025R, 54” Auto connect MMM, H120 FEL, 54” Quick . Also inspect the fork seals to see if they are damaged from the scratch – and replace if necessary. General. You may develop a Harley fork seal leak at some point due to deterioration over time. Seal Mate Specifically engineered to fix your leaking fork seals. I don’t have any visible leaking and am torn between if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and if I’m taking the forks off might as well replace the seals and inspect the bushings. The fact that only the left seal is leaking suggests there’s a problem on that side unrelated to the seal itself. Max BMW has a good one. Some peoples are using a car jack under the engine and securing the bike with jack . Hi All, I have a 2004 XR250R. okay thanks for your help, ill try it. Are my fork seals bad and should the shop be responsible for fixing them in your opinion. You should put about 10 pounds, so you need a low pressure gauge. Leaking fork seals are the biggest reason for tearing apart forks. My front forks are leaking and I want to fix it. When a fork seal starts leaking it can be a major headache and a costly repair if . i did not use this when i had one leaking as i pulled the lowers for powder coat. Features. Back then, they had a TON of problems with fork seals going bad and leaking. It requires a simple cylinder seal kit and about an hour. Make sure you don't make it too smooth. However, since there was no time to visit the plumbing store, the only option left was to remove the internal gasket rubber ring on the PVC Trap outlet and fit There’s one guy who actually has them, swears by them, but he does most of his riding in Staten Island. | 07 This chamber is part of the compression side of a late-model Kayaba fork. REPLACES: Harley Davidson OEM Nos. 2) Snap the seal doctor onto the Fork seals leaking. Don't just replace a leaking fork seal without replacing upper and lower bushings that are usually worn. 55 Front End. -- . Fork oil 15. The reason I asked about the left side seal, is because a lot of HD's sit outside on hot days, and the steering head bearing greas gets hot, runny and drips off the lower . Home - ThumperTalk Pull the seal up and off the front forks. 65 | Save Up to 75%, Shop Now & Free Delivery | Seal Mate Tool/Fix Leaking Fork Seals Quick & Easy, Fast & Affordable (Blue) -New in Box | Others 2 quick steps to identify and fix a leaking fork. At 3500 miles, the seal should still be good, unless it's been abused with sone real hard drops from wheelies. Many motorcycle shops can charge upwards of $300 to replace your fork seals, in most cases your fork seals are leaking due to dirt and debris stuck between the seals. Find the fork seal itself. Assuming the R1150 forks are the same as R1100, the service manual says to use Slide the old seal off the leg. Fork seals are definitely a "wear" item. Only show this user. If there is a dust cover pull it off and slide it down the fork. Maybe five minutes per fork leg, and most of that is the aforementioned reseating of the seal. $4. In this dirt bike tech tip, I review how to fix leaky fork seals on your dirt bike using the Motion Pro Seal Mate. This is as much a survey as much as it is a gripe. Stopping an Oil Leak on a Motorcycle. Assembly is reverse of disassembly. See: One shows the approach of pulling the lower fork down and off the bike to access the dust cap and fork oil seal. File Type PDF Hayabusa Front Fork Seal Replacement GuideHowever, fork oil should be changed This process increases rapidly when the seals wear out and you will also start to loose fork oil, again affecting the performance of the forks. Ground water under your basement floor is often under tremendous pressure caused by a rising water table, the height of which is affected by several common factors such as: If the downspouts for your eavestroughs are directed into the weeping tile. I'd take them off and check them. 'Seal Buddy' tool allows you to fix leaking fork seals without the need to disassemble the forks. 8 Posts. Step 2. The following is a generic step by step procedure to follow when changing your . Wipe off any visible dirt or water with a clean cloth. Fix Leaky Seals Fast. If you tilt the chamber to about 5 degrees it will help a little. Well, I discussed an issue I had with the SBF peeps ( Pondering a Blown Fork Seal 2016 KTM 350 EXC F, Feb 12th 2017) and decided I needed to do some maintenance. With small needle nose pliers or a snap ring too, remove the snap ring holding the inner seal in. Slide the new Honda 450R front fork seals down the forks. It’s important to clean off any paraffin wax, too, that may have come from the rubber itself after some time. At this point, remove the fork legs from their clamps on the bike, being careful to remove each internal part and keep it in order. One of the most common causes for leaks is that the rod seal and wiper need to be fixed. If none of these solve the problem, check the battery. After about 30 minutes of light work, it started leaking what appeared to be oil from what I am now told is a "tattle tale" hole underneath. Advertisement. After the seals and bushings go in and the fork tube is reinserted with the retaining clip etc. I renewed the fork oil seals and bushings. spots, then the only sure long-term fix is to replace or re-chrome the stanchion. Pair of Seal BuddyTools Fix Leaking Fork Seals Fork Seal Tool PAIR. Any small Seal Mate is a tool designed to fix leaking fork seals, on any dirt bike or street bike. Or maybe the Fork tubes are bent, that will cause leaking. The GS fork is as easy as it gets. The seals will make snapping sounds when they lock into place. SEAL MATE PLUS TOOL SUZUKI YELLOW SEALMATE PLUS FIX REPAIR LEAKING FORK SEALS, The S eal Mate Plus was re designed to provide a second hook and an extra cleaning groove that will work as a second leading edge that makes each pass more effective and will clear the debris from the leaking forks in one swipe,Heart move low price,products at discount prices,Easy to get the front end off the ground with a head stand or a floor jack under the headers (using a rear stand of course). SOURCE: 2004 honda shadow 600 VLX leaking fork seal bike The seal under the dirt seal on the fork was leaking when I picked the bike up from the owner. 45733-48 Front tube Plug Seal. My Honda CM400 fork seals were leaking badly, and this totally fixed it. Drain the Gas and Gasoline Fumes from Your Tank. Use aerosol brake cleaner to clean brake components and prepare for removal. Epoxy works, for quite a while, but in the end the pitting gets worse. A few inches up, you will feel the oil seal and will need to coax the tool between the oil seal and the tube, using a sawing motion. I've heard of "Leak Proof Seals", but have no experience with them, as I've never had repeated issues with HD seals. 56158-49 Rubber bushing installation. Fluid Replacement How-To: Fix a Leaking Fork Seal Hayabusa Front Fork Seal Replacement No real need to replace the seals if the forks are not leaking. Further, the tube is hard chromed and the . Made in the U. Then slip it up between the stanction and seals. Couple wrenches, hammer, few improv installation tools, and oil and youll be good to go. 6. Manufacturer guaranteed to Seal Mate is a tool designed to fix leaking fork seals, on any dirt bike or street bike (See our full list of compatible bikes here). Before you fix your leaky tap, you must turn off the water at the supply. Quick-fix trick that has worked for me many time in the past, even on customers' bikes -. 3. One is to remove the front wheel, remove the fork legs, and replace the seals. Cut a very thin piece of plastic, like from a plastic milk jug, and wrap it around the fork tube. Also note that you can buy a thicker grade of fork oil to stiffen up the front forks a little. move the screwdriver where the gap is smaller- do not tap the screwdriver any more- just twist to expose . I need a better endorsement than that before I run out and chuck a bunch a dough at new cartridges. Adventure Rider - Ride the World. Remove wheel & tire. Oil will come out, and the fork slider will be loose from the rest of the fork. If it has a crack or has a faulty seal, or if the needle bearings are damaged, it will leak. 79 + $2. Im beginning to think you have damaged the forks if you got the old seals out without removing the leg from the fork tube. Did you replace the teflon coated bronze guide bushings when. Insert card / bill slowly and at an angle forcing the corner of the card into the seal. Attach a new Panduit strip with pliers. Seal Mate has helped over 200,000 riders worldwide fix leaking fork seals. The loss of maybe 10 or 30ccs of fluid is not going to destroy the forks, but the loss of the fluid will alter the way the bike handles dramatically, which could destroy you! I think all of us have ridden with leaky forks before. Yamaha Motor Australia is not responsible for any Third Party Content on the site and the . 55-59 original fork cover. You will see your silver fork tube meets the outer casing in between the two parts . Front transmission seals are the most important seal in this setup. Seal Mate is Guarenteed to work on any dirt bike or street bike (Regular and Inverted Forks) Easy to use, very simple, any skill level, and takes less than 15 mins. I do not know what or how involved it is to service front forks/shocks. - Jack the bike up so that the front wheel is just barely off the ground. Apr 21, 2020 - By Georges Simenon PDF Hyster Forklift Leaking Seals Repair we try to fix a big oil leak on my forklift and end up tumbling down a rabbit hole repair your cylinder with a new forklift seal kit from intella liftparts we carry a large variety of seal kits for your hyster forklift as well as hydraulic seals and gaskets if you cant . The other is a neat little tool that allows you to What Can You Do to Fix Fork Seals? Lift the Dust Cover and Clean Underneath Them. Also, in checking them, you loose about 5 pounds. You will want to pump the handle 15-20 times. - GENTLY pry the outer dust seal up out of the lower fork leg and slide the seal up as far as possible . Before you attempt the hassle of repairing a leaking seal give the inexpensive tool, Seal Mate, a try today. Alright so I'm working on replacing the for seals on my 07 vegas because the are leaking horribly. OEM Factory Honda Fork Seal Kit for GL1500 Gold Wing is a complete kit containing everything you need to do the job right. Look for any abnormal wear on the bushing. Front transmissions are the most expensive seal to replace because they require the mechanic to disassemble a large . Once you have it past the seal, you slowly work it around the circumference of the fork tube up and down. Again, this is something that can happen with normal wear and tear of the vehicle. 45443-86 Fork Cap Bracket O-Ring. Slide the outer tube back up to the fork cap and thread the cap into the tube. Cut a 2 foot section of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe. Newer bikes definitely have far better seal protection. 45406-75 Air Control Copper Washer. Rebuild kit 10. Once the oil is gone you can slide the slider off the leg. Use coupon code SEALMATE to get a big discount on your order! Country/region. 8 Chevy engine How To: Fix transmission and oil seal leaks fast with AT-205 Re-Seal Complete kits give you all necessary gaskets, O-rings and fork seals required to repair leaking forks; Made in the U. The other shows the approach of releasing the fork tube from the bridge and pulling the tube up and out. Now swing the fork down and slide the lowers off above your oil drain bucket to catch all of the old oil. 4. My left fork seal is leaking again, and this will be the third time I will have the seals replaced. The secret to get you out of this sticky situation is heat. Most of the time when people say the cleaners don’t work is because all they do is wipe the dust seal not the actual fork seal. Very often you can stop the leak by using a SealMate to clean the dirt out of between the fork tube and the seal. 33 rumbles. Pressure Testing A Fuel Tank. Carefully remove the sharp edges of the . Shove it fairly deep 1/2" 3/4" - and pull it out as you rotate it around the fork tube. but eventually they will contaminate. The Risk Racing Seal Doctor is really easy to use and small enough to have in your riding pack. Most sinks will have two valves, one for hot water and one for cold. Now I'm trying to remove the bottom drain plug. If your going to replace one seal might as well change out the other with fresh oil. Yamaha Service Technician, Darren Thompson, shows you the steps to clean and fix a leaking . 10 Yamaha fork seals don’t really need a reason to leak, but inspect It's a thin, flat, flexible piece of plastic with a smooth hook shaped on the end (a search will turn up lots of info). Now you can pry the fork seal out of the fork easiest way I do it has been just to have a large flat head screw . Look inside after its cleaned. To do this you will need to find the stopcock or the isolation valves, which are usually situated underneath the sink. BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak will mix with the hydraulic fluid in your system and can stay there permanently, or even be retreated. #2. On average, it costs about $300 to replace a leaking front transmission seal. Fork seals leak from normal wear and tear, age, and debris getting into the seals. Your oil seals are leaking too much . As for how often - the Yamaha manual doesn't give a specific time period, it just says to check the forks and repair if seals are leaking oil or the operation isn't smooth. 342 sold 342 sold 342 sold. - Get some old 35mm camera film, cut a strip about 3-4" long. The typical price range is between $150 on the low end up to $600 on the high end. One of my forks has a leaking seal. Find a small fairly sharp flat blade screwdriver and LIGHTLY tap it between the edge of wiper and metal fork leg, gently turn the screwdriver to make a small gap. The Seal Mate costs but $13. Place the forks in the mounting clamps. To use the Seal Doctor, Just lower the dust seal and snap the Seal Doctor on your fork tube. Part number # 3135176 is the NOK fork seals for the TL1000R. 9 Set the upper fork tube aside in a safe place where it can’t tip over and spill. Fork oil starts out clear and can . Leaks happen almost anywhere at the worst times, like when you’re at the track or. Causing handing problems and bring up the repair bill. 45842-77-A Wire Retainer. Remove the front wheel by taking off the 22mm axle bolt from the right side, loosening the four 10mm axle pinch bolts (two on each side) and pulling the axle out from the left side of the wheel. Reactions: BBerger. as only one of them leaks, and it is always the same side. My front forks feel stiffer with the new thicker oil. 2. Remove one of the large Allen bolts. ——————————————-Choke cable – easy fix. Here’s a great tip for removing fork seals to save you some time. That won't harbor the moisture like cotton based straping does. A simple fix before you take anything apart is to try and remove the air by pumping the handle. Wedge the tip of a knife between the O-ring and the inside of the female receiver. There are a few millimeters of clearance between the tube and metal part of the seal. Complete kits give you all necessary gaskets, O-rings and fork seals required to repair leaking forks. Swapping the bell housing can also mean you need to swap or replace the throw-out bearing, fork, boot, and release arm spring. Flush the area as you go to remove debris within the fork. to/2mTvDwwShop Towels: http://am. Replace the screw, making sure it's tight. Then remove the clip on top of the fork seal. Use the Seal Doctor on the Fork. Remove Foam Rings. Don’t put up with a leaking fork seal for any longer! Learn the tips and tricks of the trade with Yamaha Motor Australia Race Technician, Darren Thompson. Have the bike services by a dealer of a bike repair shop; Take out both fork tube and have the forks services by a bike shop or a suspension shop. Fix your fork seals without replacing them! This happens to be one of those cases. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 25, 2013. And lastly, when installing the forks, make sure the axle is not binding, and do not over torque the triple clamps. There’s an allen bolt at the bottom which needs to be removed. Front Fork Seal Replacement: Honda Telescopic Fork Fix motorcycle front fork seal leak easy DIY Fork Seal Replacment (Part 1) Making Your Own Fork Tools Fix Leaking Motorcycle Fork . Jan 30, 2011. What if, for obvious reasons, you don't have any film handy? Risk Racing makes a quality Seal doctor that helps you quickly and easily fix your leaky fork seals. Damage to the O-ring isn't important because you're replacing it. Watch Our Video On How To Test & Fix A Leaking Motorcycle Gas Tank. Dirt sticking to the fork leg also tells you that fork oil has leaked out. Wedge the dust seal from the fork leg. 40 Posts. Feb 21, 2017. Step 1. I have 70 HRs on mine and the left side started leaking from what I think is from lack of a vent on the front housing, just curious if anyone has experience this. Other than the above, make sure the air is out and inspect the o-rings and bearings. They normally lose air every 2 or 3 weeks and need to be topped off. As a motorcycle seal wears or as the fork tube gets pitted, the fork seal can lose the ability do the latter. Then insert it into the leaky seal and twist. Good mechanics always repair BOTH forks if one is leaking due to the other side always tends to leak shortly afterwards. Now pull hard. SEAL MATE PLUS BLUE-- FORK SEAL REPAIR TOOL, FIX LEAKING MOTORCYCLE FORK SEALS | eBay Once the dirt is removed, your lip seals (oil & dust) will be repaired and stop leaking in less than 5 minutes on your motorcycle. Tap the retaining pin into place using the screwdriver and hammer if necessary. Once you’re to the point of removing the seals themselves it can be a bit of a pain. Using a piece of film strip carefully slide it up under the inner fork seal and move it up and down and around the circumference of the fork My new (to me) '08 Multi 1100S had a leaky fork tube and I saw countless posts complaining about the same problem. Now you can pull the upper fork tube off of the lower and get ready to remove the seals. Leaking motorcycle fork oil seals are a common problem. Add coolant and/or clean the radiator if needed. metal polish. Remember my gpz1100 probably has the worst seals and protection, they are ancient, this stopped the leaking completely. Step 6. 58, Adjustable tree part numbers. You will notice a small ridge of dust and dirt right where the fork travel stops.

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